ONEMIX-"Light Armor"  21601  Carbon Plate Running Shoes Product Analysis

ONEMIX-"Light Armor" 21601 Carbon Plate Running Shoes Product Analysis

PART 01 main image

PART 02  Technology display

①Easy carbon technology
The warp of the carbon plate is consistent with the gait arc
Propel the rebound to accelerate evenly
4 to 6 distribution speeds can be adapted
Stronger speed and endurance

High vacuum foam midsole
Thickening, expanding, super-elastic, galloping like a storm
Enhanced start-up power

②"Double sweat" technology
perspiration system
Allow sweat to drain in time
Super dry and smooth running to the back
Reduce friction and blisters

③Energy Fishnet
"Energy Fish Silk" is fully breathable
Fishing wire mesh interweaving (30x magnification)
After thousands of miles of repeated friction, it will not be damaged

④"Airbag" cushioning knee pads
Three-point balance on the plane, double shock absorption vertically
Front and rear landing protection to prevent "runner's knee"

⑤"Funnel insole" sinks to absorb sweat
Sweat from feet, no reverse osmosis, no smelly feet

⑥"Soft Hedgehog Armor" Wrapped Ankle
Heel tension strap designed to fit and lock
The shoes and feet are in one, running smoothly
"Multiple wear resistance" reduces consumption
Liquid CPU injection elastic outsole
Five-pointed starfish anti-slip wear-resistant grip
Cope with various road surfaces such as roads, runways, plank roads, etc.

PART 03 Model show

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