onemix shoes Professional Marathon Running Shoes ONEMIX-21601

onemix shoes Professional Marathon Running Shoes ONEMIX-21601


NOTE: Please do not measure the insole length, it is the different between foot length!

Light Armor

Advancing Rebound Carbon Plate Running Shoes

Easy-to-Adapt Carbon Plate
Breathable & Perspirable
Speed up Steadily Until The End
Enjoy The Fun of Running
Break Through The Personal Best


Correct running posture before and after landing

Break through the personal best
Run Smoothly

Easy-to-adapt plate Technology

The warpage of the carbon plate is consistent with the gait arc, and the ergonomic design helps increase the speed

Vacuum Foaming Midsole

Thickened and Expanded Super Elastic
80% Energy Feedback Almost Non-Destructive Rebound
Enhance Start-Up Explosive Power

Breathable & Perspirable

Let sweat be discharged in time
Run dry and smoothly to the end to reduce friction and blisters.



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