How to effectively clean and maintain your sneakers?

How to effectively clean and maintain your sneakers?

How to effectively clean and maintain your sneakers?

--Sports bring us not only physical changes, but also temper our spirit and will, and sports shoes are the necessary equipment for every sports lover. But how to properly clean and maintain dirty sneakers?

Old Shoes

1. Cleaning of shoe surface

Ordinary sports shoes can be washed with clean water, but washing powder cannot be used, because the phosphorus contained in them will easily turn the shoes yellow. You can use a toothbrush or other small brushes dipped in toothpaste to brush the heels. Put a layer of white paper on top to ensure that the shoes will not change color after drying. If soaked for a long time, it will also affect the use of shoes. During the cleaning process, try not to machine wash or soak.

If it is genuine leather sports shoes, you should try to avoid washing them with water. Generally, you should wipe them with a towel, which can protect the leather.

2. Cleaning of peculiar smell in shoes

If there is an obvious smell inside your shoes, you can use white vinegar or white wine to clean them directly.
After cleaning the surface of the shoes, pour a pot of warm water, then put a small amount of white vinegar, soak the shoes in it for about half an hour, you can also directly sprinkle white wine, because white wine is very volatile, and it will also evaporate during the volatilization process. It can remove the peculiar smell of sports shoes.

3. Cleaning of shoelaces and insoles

The shoelaces and insoles can be removed before washing and washed separately, which is also convenient for cleaning the shoes. Laces and insoles can be cleaned directly with soap and rinsed with water.

4. Cleaning of soles

Soak your shoes in water and you can scrub them with a toothbrush without soap. Remember to pick out the small stones in the sole texture with a toothpick before scrubbing.

5. Shake the water to dry the shoes

Shake the water to dry the shoes, instead of putting them in the washing machine, you can squeeze out some water with your thumb first, and then grab the sole in the middle, with the heel facing the front and the toe facing After leaning back, start swinging your arms back and forth a few times, the more you swing the better the shoes. After cleaning, put the shoes toes down in a ventilated place to dry, and dry the shoes at room temperature to prevent water from soaking into the midsole foam material.

6. Maintenance of shoes made of different materials

For leather maintenance, use shoe polish for maintenance. Wipe it clean when you don’t usually wear it, and then apply shoe polish to keep the overall color of the shoes. Mesh sneakers require attention when maintaining them and propping them up when not in use. Because mesh shoes are easily deformed if they are not supported.

New Shoes

Running shoes are very important for a sports enthusiast and have a wide range of applicability. Whether it is running, skipping rope, or daily life, they are all essential equipment for us. Therefore, reasonable use and maintenance can well guarantee the life of sports shoes. I hope everyone can find their favorite sneakers in Onemix!