What is the "triple comfort" of ONEMIX running shoes?


First Comfort - Breathability

Onemix uses "one-way outlet" technology on the sole and combines it with self-developed funnel style insole, which forms a three-dimensional water-absorbing and perspiration-dissipating system without accumulation of sweat and odour, and keeps the feet dry and cool all the time.

Second Comfort - Lightweight

The sole is made of vacuum foam midsole "O-Resilio", which has stronger resilience and durability, and quickly transforms the pressure of touching the ground into the rebound explosive force of the start.


Third Comfort - Comfortably

Onemix has upgraded the breathable mesh upper with fine craftsmanship to increase heat dissipation and provide a soft, skin-friendly fit.

Onemix pioneered the concept of triple comfort, so that every runner can enjoy the comfort brought by Onemix running shoes, hoping to allow all runners to enjoy the process of running and continue to break through.