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Pace Beam

Pace Beam

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It's time to set your new record. Thanks to lighter and more environmentally friendly supercritical foam technology, Pace Beam has amazing elasticity and is very light weight. The hollow design of the arch of the foot enhances the cushioning and perspiration effects. We also added a luminous effect to the "feather" appearance of ONEMIX, which is full of fashion. Are you ready for your acceptance speech?

  • Weight: 235g (EU42)
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 6mm
Carbon plate design upgrade

Pace Beam is embedded with a carbon plate with a new structure exclusively developed by ONEMIX, which is extremely tough and has a wider heel for more stability.

"O-Energy" provides extra power

The heel bottom still uses "O-Energy" technology to resolve the impact of landing and convert it into rebound force, providing extra power for every step.

innovative support structure

We boldly hollowed out the arch of the foot to form an arch-bridge-like structure that perfectly combines with extremely tough materials to greatly improve stability and cushioning. Like a suspension system, it provides a stable platform for your feet.

O-Funnel insole technology

We still use O-Funnel insoles technology, which effectively sink foot sweat, and the deodorizing material can ensure that your feet stay fresh and comfortable at all times.

Focus on sweat removal and breathability

The double-layer breathable mesh upper, hollowed out arch and hollowed out forefoot sole form a one-way sweat-wicking outlet. Combined with the O-Funnel insole, it quickly absorbs sweat and sinks, keeping you dry at all times during exercise and maintaining sports performance.

Stylish luminous feathers

The romance that only belongs to ONEMIX - the feather pattern design continues on the side of the shoe, symbolizing the ideal of being lighter and faster. In this version, fluorescent effects are added to the feathers, making you the most dazzling star even in the dark night.

Various colors to choose from

In order to let you no longer worry about your clothes being monotonous and boring, we have designed a variety of gorgeous colors for you to choose from, and we still use gradients to express these wonderful colors. It's time to show everyone how stylish you are.

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