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Our Story

Onemix Sports Shoes

ONEMIX is a Chinese sneaker brand established in 2013, specializing in designing, manufacturing, and marketing light and comfortable running shoes with a focus on health and fashion. They have extensive experience producing high-end sports shoes for Europe and America. ONEMIX is committed to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service, with a vision to become a global leader in the sneaker industry.

Why Not?

Onemix Sports Shoes

ONEMIX is a sports lifestyle brand that creates unique and innovative footwear for young people.

We blend style and comfort, and push the boundaries of design and technology to offer high-quality shoes that can be worn on and off the court.

We love to experiment with new materials and techniques to create shoes that are both fashionable and functional.

Whether you're an athlete or looking for everyday comfort, choose ONEMIX for extraordinary sneakers.


"Three cool" technology. Gathering lightness, comfort and breathability.


One hundred patents. Structural shock absorbing technology combined with vacuum foam midsole. Running comfortable.


"321" shoe-making system: 1 overall comfort, 2 layers of purification, 3 points of labor saving.