How does Light Armor make you faster?

Como a Light Armor o torna mais rápido?

1. Built-in adaptive carbon plate

The carbon plate is a new technology that provides extra support and elasticity to make running easier and more efficient. The carbon plate can help runners better control the strength and center of gravity of the feet, thereby reducing energy waste and improving running efficiency. In addition to providing better support and elasticity, the carbon plate can also help runners better control the rolling and stability of the foot, reducing the risk of sports injuries.
The carbon plate also reduces fatigue and stress on the feet, keeping runners comfortable and stable during long runs. In long-distance and race running, the advantages of carbon plate running shoes are particularly obvious, and they can help runners complete the race faster.

2.Triple Comfort Combined
The Onemix design team collected and analyzed the foot problems of a large number of users during running, and upgraded the overall comfort of the shoes from three directions: the sole, the insole, and the upper. Allow runners to get sufficient rebound power feedback at all times while running.
Sweat-absorbing and breathable materials keep the inside of the shoe dry at all times.

3.Air cushioning

Air cushioning is a common technology found in running shoes that provides extra cushioning and support, reducing the impact and pressure on the feet during running and lowering the risk of injuries. In addition to providing extra cushioning and support, air cushioning can also help runners better adapt to different terrains and environments.

Specifically, air cushioning in running shoes absorbs and disperses the impact force from the ground, reducing fatigue and pressure on the feet. It also provides additional support and stability, helping runners better control foot rolling and balance, thereby reducing energy waste and improving running efficiency. Furthermore, air cushioning in running shoes can improve comfort and breathability, allowing runners to stay fresh and comfortable during long runs.

In different terrains and weather conditions, air cushioning can help runners better adapt to different surfaces and environments, reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

Disassembly drawing of shoes

Light Armor is currently the flagship running shoe of Onemix. It is a product made with care, which is a summary of the previous production process and user experience data. There are still many details and craftsmanship in the shoes themselves that are worth exploring!

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