About Us

ONEMIX is an original sports shoe brand from China, Founded by Putian Onemix E-COMMERCE Co., Ltd. The company is involved in shoe design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, brand marketing, and supply chain services for industrial upgrading. ISON LIFE HK TRADING LIMITED is our company located in Hong Kong, China, responsible for the sales and customer service of ONEMIX overseas market. With a complete system of research and development, production and sales, ONEMIX has many years of experience in producing high-end sports shoes for the European and American markets.

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Why not? 

ONEMIX is a sports lifestyle brand which loves playing, blending, and have its own thoughts.

From one pair of sneakers, we always seek for the feet type which is suitable for young people and the personality sneaker art.

When all people ask why, ONEMIX says "why not".

We are the partner of Europe and America shoemaker, 

We are the designer who stays in the production line all day, 


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Professional Operations and Service Team

We have a team of over hundreds of people in various departments, including operations, sales, and customer service, to provide you with the best service.

Professional Production and Manufacturing Factory

We have our own production factory, which can control the quality of products more carefully, and ensure that the products of each customer are the best products.

Professional Product Design and Development Workshop

Our products are independently designed and developed by a professional team.