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Wu Shuang

Wu Shuang

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As a country with a history of five thousand years, China has an amazing cultural heritage. We innovatively combine Chinese characters, an information carrier with great cultural symbols, with current industrial manufacturing. This is not only a pair of powerful running shoes, but also a great artistic creation.

  • Weight: 296g (EU42)
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 6mm
Find innovation from tradition

The designer drew inspiration from the four great inventions of ancient China and Chinese characters, and displayed the cultural characters in the form of movable type printing. The culture and art attached to the uppers and soles collided and merged with modern manufacturing processes.

Fully breathable upper

The midsole of the shoe is blessed with ONEMIX's exclusive O-Funnel technology, which not only provides strong support for the arch of the foot, but also has a one-way exhaust and drainage function that only discharges and does not enter, keeping your feet dry even after long periods of running, training or walking.

Sole technology

The elastic outsole brings amazing softness and comfort, cushions the impact of landing, and gives your feet a charming experience as if they are always stepping on cotton.

At the same time, the heel also uses ONEMIX "O-Energy" air hole column specially designed for running, which is embedded in the reinforced and upgraded EVA to provide extra power for every step you take.

Material upgrade

We have redesigned the force structure of the shoes, adopting a four layer telescopic structure, which improves the cushioning effect by 10% compared to the previous generation. At the same time, we have also used brand new materials for manufacturing, allowing these shoes to easily withstand 1000 kilometers of friction and 10 million times of pressing and folding. Whether you are running or jumping, it can well relieve the impact of landing and protect your knees.

Multiple colors to choose from

There are a variety of visually comfortable colors for you to choose from. No matter the occasion or age, you can find a color that matches your temperament.

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