onemix sneaker air cushion running shoes flaming Phenix

onemix sneaker air cushion running shoes flaming Phenix

Muscle strength feeling
Highly Soft Sole
Fire Phoenix
Strong Soft Air Cushion Shoes
Phoenix means life/With strength and spirit
Recreate with prime

Technological innovation

a vacuum soft air cushion sole
Fashion vamp and nice elastic force will keep your feet free.
The buffer ability is 30% stronger than normal EVA
The soft character is 65% softer than traditional air cushion sole.
Elastic force protects your knees and saves your strength

The synthetic sweat absorption system
Funnel Insole Design
Drain Moisture Away
Only drain moisture down keep shoes dry and comfortable
Breathable/Heat Air Stream
The air hole under Feet Arch
Different from the traditional way, it will make shoes not smelly.

1. A vacuum soft air cushion sole
Every easy step
With strong protection feeling, Wanna hold it.
Supreme Elastic Force
Say goodbye to traditional one, new one’s air can run freely around the sole.
Every step, Strong feeling of elastic force .

Soft and elstic

Four Levels of air-cover, won't Leak Air Like Muscle Shape Good Touching and comfortable Walking.

2. Muscle Shape: Feel cool with every step
Muscle Cool: Muscle touching, When out, happiness around.
Five Muscle Shape Sole, Go Out with Happiness

Beautiful & Nice

Transparent Mesh Shoe Face
Breathable Materials


Name: Fire Phoenix
Face Material: Mesh + TPU
Inner Materials: Single Mesh Clothes
Sole Materials: MD+ Air- cushion TPU +RB