Política de reembolso


We offer a 30-day return service, which you can initiate with us within 30 days of delivery completion.
We only allow one return per order.
Please note that we only accept returns for orders that meet the "Applicable" criteria and also do not meet the "Not Applicable" criteria. In all cases other than this we have the right to refuse returns


  1. The order product is within the 30-day return period.
  2. The product is in its original state, which will not affect its resale (for example: the product is complete, unopened, unused, unwashed, unmodified, unstained, etc.).
  3. Product-related accessories and extra items are in original condition without any modifications (eg: complimentary socks, hang tags, shoe boxes, instruction manuals, etc.).

    Not Applicable

    1. The order product is not within the 30-day return period.
    2. It is not an order purchased on this website (ie onemixofficial.com official online store).
    3. Products and related accessories and additional items have been used, washed, processed, modified, damaged or human factors so that they cannot be resold.
    4. Products that specifically state that no return service is available
    5. Information about the order cannot be proven.

      More instructions

      • For returned order products, once we confirm that they comply with the applicable rules and agree, we will actively contact you and refund you within 1-2 working days after receiving the returned products.
      • For orders containing multiple products, we will only refund the amount of the returned product. Amounts for non-returned products are non-refundable.
      • If we find that the returned product does not comply with the "applicable" rules, we will proactively contact you and return the product to you at your own expense.
      • Please note that all the above refund fees and transportation risks need to be borne by you personally, and we do not bear any risks of refund fees and packages in transit.
      • Non-refundable fee for expedited delivery.